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10th of July, 10 AM EST

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17th of July, 11:59 PM EST

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Hey super affiliates, friends & bosses…

My name is
Ekeocha Roland, an affiliate marketer & online entrepreneur.

I’m super excited to welcome you to this page and to invite you for the launch of SpeechBird AI, going live on the
10th of July by 10 AM EST.

I’ve been in the JVZoo & W+ space for about half a decade, partnering and supporting launches…

And now I’m ready to push out this amazing offer, SpeechBird AI!

It’s a result-driven app, plus we have a mass appeal angle with a fine twist, and over $3k in JV cash prizes.

Please check out the rest of the page; the offer, the demo, the marketing tools… And I’m confident you'll be convinced to set the guns blazing for a 5 figure promo for us.

I’m counting
SO MUCH on your support to make this a success.



First-Of-Its-Kind AI-Powered Smart App Generates High Converting Content And Turns Them Into Human Sounding Audio & Voice Content For Marketing, Social Media, Podcasts, Commercials, etc… All From Just A Keyword!

Plus It Comes With A Drag ‘N’ Drop Audio Mixer To Reel Out Studio Quality Audio & Voice Content With Background Music & Professional Effects!

Groundbreaking 5-in-1 AI-Powered Content Engine

Combines The Power Of ChatGPT AI + Human Emotions & Intuitions

10+ Solid & Unsaturated Earning Opportunity In Black & White

Inbuilt Job Finder App For Unlimited Paying Clients

Tons Of Testimonials & Reviews By REAL Users!

FREE Commercial Licence Included In The FE

With SpeechBird AI Your Subscribers
Can Tap Into 10+ SOLID & UNSATURATED Earning
Opportunities In Only Three Simple Steps;

   Step 1:  

Use AI To Generate Content

Use any of our 5 AI-powered engines to create or upload your content

   Step 2:  

Mix & Merge

Create studio quality audio & voice content with background music, professional effects and multiple layer mix in seconds!!

   Step 3:  

Publish & Profit

Multi-stream publishing & tap into one/all of the 10+ Solid & UNSATURATED Earning Opportunity.

See SpeechBird AI In Action

Seven Reasons

Why You Should Jump On This Promo!

Solid Product

SpeechBird AI is solid, well tested and has
tens of beta testers, reviews and testimonials.

Mass Appeal Offer With AI, ChatGPT,
Agency + MMO Opportunity Angle

The offer has been well crafted using the
AI angle with a twist, it’ll convert like hot cakes.

Kickass Marketing Assets & Funnel

The copy, designs, videos - no expense has been spared whatsoever. Just send us traffic and watch us convert them into sweet commissions.

Dedicated Tech & Customer Support Team -
Your Subscribers Will Be In Good Hands!

We run a full blown company with full time tech and customer support staff, be sure that your subscribers will be in good hands.

An EASY To Win $3k in JV Cash Prizes

We are giving out a whopping THREE THOUSAND DOLLARS in JV cash prizes. This is an easy win for anyone that does a full promotion for this launch.

Guaranteed Recip For ALL Your Launches

Whether you send us 10 or 100 sales, my team and I will not just hit ALL your launches, but we’ll work to crush your leaderboards.


My team and I have worked hard at this,to create a solution that is both solid and delivers exceptional results… and now we need your help to crush this and make it a success!

Whether You Send Us 10 Or 100 Sales
Expect Full Support On Your Next Launch

We’ve Done Tens Of Thousands Of Dollars In Sales In The Last Few Months Alone & We Are Committed To Turning On The Heat For Your Next One!

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High Converting Funnels -
No Filler Upsells - Double Digit EPC!

Earn 50% Commission Across The Funnel

  SpeechBird AI FE 


✅5-in-1 AI powered content engine
✅Drag & drop audio timeline editor
✅Combines the power of ChatGPT AI + Human Emotions
✅Advance human sounding text to voice AI-Powered Engine
✅10+ solid & unsaturated monetization opportunity
✅Inbuilt job finder app for unlimited paying clients
✅AI-powered script assistant
✅PDF/eBook to audio script assistant
✅Word file to audio script assistant
✅Text file to audio script assistant
✅Unlock 130 100% REAL Human sounding voices in over 20 languages and dialects
✅Unlock 5 Audio effects
✅1 Audio output format [MP3]
✅Add up to 2 layers in one single project timeline
✅Unlock 1k stock background music
✅Unlock 200 stock background sound
✅Upload background music/file from your local device
✅Create up to 50 (5 minutes long) Audio Projects.
✅Multi-language option
✅Unlock Social Media Share Gate
✅Embed Audio on any website
✅Audio Trimmer
✅Tons of testimonials & reviews by REAL users!
✅Dedicated customer & tech support team
✅FREE commercial licence included without upgrade!
✅Premium bonuses
✅Low onetime fee

  Upgrade 1: UNLIMITED  


✅Unlock unlimited projects
✅Create unlimited project length
✅Create full length audiobooks
✅Get updates & new features for free
✅Special bonuses:

  Upgrade 2: EXPANSION


✅Get access to 107 additional 100% REAL Human sounding voices across extra 45 languages and dialects
✅Get access to 2 additional Audio output formats [OGG & WEBM]
✅Record your own voice with our In-app voice recorder
✅Unlock the In-built teleprompter tool
✅Add up to 4 layers in one single project timeline
✅Unlock additional 4k stock background music
✅Unlock additional 300 stock background sound
✅Script Masterpiece Collection (Rephrase, Shorten, Improve, Expand)

  Upgrade 3: ENTERPRISE  


Create, Mix & sell studio-quality voice and audio content to ready buyers. Users get everything they need to kickstart and scale a digital agency business from scratch.

✅Ready Made Agency Kit
✅Professionally Done Agency Branding Kit
✅High-Converting Prospecting Kit
✅Client Access Feature

  Upgrade 4: FRANCHISE


Users can resell SpeechBird AI under their own brand with full White Label dashboard

✅Create & Sell Access
✅Reseller Panel
✅Whitelabel setup panel - add your own color, logo, etc.
✅Marketing Assets
✅DFY Technical & Customer Support
✅DFY Hosting & Product Maintenance
✅Custom Bonuses

$3k In JV Cash Prizes Up For Grabs!

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Phase 1: Opening Contest

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4th Prize


5th Prize


NB: Phase 2 & Other Surprise Contests Will Be Announced!

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Affiliate Terms & Conditions

Before joining this program, please take the time to read the rules carefully. If you are approved for the affiliate program, you are not permitted to use the following promotional methods. If you do, it could result in you being removed from the program and forfeiting any outstanding commissions.
This includes sending out spam and using safe lists, offering cash rebates, cash backs, gift cards or physical product incentives, using words like "scam" in promotional campaigns, misrepresenting our product/offer, and creating social media pages with the product or brand name.
Any unauthorized use of "brand name", "website name" or "product images" on Facebook Fan-pages or other social platforms for the purpose of product promotion will result in immediate banning. It is not allowed to earn commissions on your own purchases.
We reserve the right to terminate any affiliate if found to be violating any of the rules or using unethical marketing tactics to generate sales or for any other reason.
It is important to always follow the FTC guidelines when promoting our products and services.

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