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If you've been paying attention recently, you've definitely noticed that every product creator you know is jumping on the AI-powered app train and raking in profits.

Just take a quick look at the last 20 product launches on platforms like Warrior Plus, JVZoo, or any other marketplace you're familiar with.

One thing is common: They're all AI-powered solutions, and vendors are making serious bank!

What does that tell you?

It's simple: the AI software market is booming.

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Anyone, including you, can get a slice of the cake.

But just before you get overly excited,
Let me break it down further;

To get started you need three things:

A Great Idea

One - You’ll need a powerful AI Software Idea That Solves A Pressing Problem Or Offers A Great Opportunity For Buyers - Just Like SpeechBird AI.

Now, this requires a lot of research, time and some good old experience too as to be sure of what to look out for.

A Development Team

Two - If you are not a software engineer, then you’ll need to employ the services of an excellent development team to turn your idea into reality.

For this you’ll require at least a whopping $10,000 and a few months, maybe years, depending on the product idea and the team you have onboard.

A Marketing Strategy

Three - Create a high converting marketing strategy that will market and sell your AI app.

This requires lots of experience, expertise, testing, and a deep pocket to outsource the asset creation (salespage, VSLs, copy, graphics, etc.)

I bet you don’t have all three - and truth be told, they each come at a really great price of TIME, MONEY & EXPERIENCE.

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“SpeechBird AI - 100% Merchant Offer”
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Here’s A Breakdown Of What You Get;

Start Selling A Guaranteed To Convert AI Software

Ai apps are selling really well, in fact you just bought one(SpeechBird AI) because you see its value and the WOW opportunity it creates for its users.

Anyone who is presented with such value will definitely jump in, just like you did.

Now Imagine being the one presenting this same offer to people, and keeping 100% from EVERY sale made…

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Franchise + Master Reseller Certificate

With the Franchise right you can fully rebrand by using your own colors, adding your own logo, connecting your own custom URL/domain to give it a completely unique feel.

Plus, sell access and keep 100% from EVERY sale made…

Cool right?

Account Creation Panel

You get a custom administrator dashboard/panel to create, edit, delete and customize users in a few clicks.

You can set users to a monthly, yearly or lifetime validity period and charge them recurring fees…

It’s a super deal - TAKE IT!

Proven Marketing Kit

Selling is hard only when you lack experience and the right strategy…

This offer comes with a proven marketing strategy and kit that has done thousands of dollars in sale.

Sales pages, VSLs, email swipes, marketing copy, graphics, etc.

It’s just plug and play for you and you can start collecting paychecks.

Server and Hosting Costs - Handled At Zero Cost

Server and hosting costs a minimum of $10,000 per annum, this is part of the recurring costs in the business of selling softwares…

But with this deal, we have it taken care of at zero cost for you.

The only investment you’ll be making is the tiny one time fee on this page, every other cost is handled 100%.

Customer Support - Handled At Zero Cost

How about paying for VAs and support specialists to serve and delight your customers so they can enjoy their purchase and keep buying from you…

Well, this will normally cost you at least $1000 monthly to hire a customer support rep.

But with this deal, we have it taken care of at zero cost for you.

Just log into your account, start selling and keep all the profit to yourself.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Does this work for any device?

A1. Yes! SpeechBird AI is a cloud-based app, meaning you can use it on any device whether Mac, Windows, etc.

Q2. Do I get detailed training on how to use the tool?

A2. Yes. Our experts have made available, step-by-step training materials to guide you and help you start off quickly once you log in.

Q3. How can I make money from this?

A3. This is yet another reason you should pick up this offer right now because the SpeechBird offer comes with 10 Quick & Easy monetization opportunities you can jump into right now.

Plus, you can start selling up to 7 unique services to ready buyers.

Q4. What makes Speechbird different from other voice over software in the market?

A4. Quite a number of reasons, Speechbird AI is not just the best text to audio tool in this space, it’s equally a smart app that helps you create, mix and sell high quality audio content + Comes with a point and click audio timeline mixer + 100% AI powered content engine and lots more.

Q5. Can Speechbird handle multiple audio tracks, allowing for seamless mixing and editing?

A5. Absolutely! Speechbird allows users to work with multiple audio tracks, enabling seamless mixing and editing. Users can easily layer different tracks, adjust volume levels, and synchronize elements to create a professional and polished audio production.

Q6. I have no experience, how will this tool help me?

A6. With Speechbird AI, you do not need any form of experience. Speechbird AI will help you generate your contents and convert them into audio in any format you need from just a keyword.

Q7. Is this a one time offer or do I have to pay a recurring fee?

A7. Only during this launch special, SpeechBird AI is going for a low one time fee, so jump in now.

Q8. This is a super great deal, can I pay later.

A8. You could, but you may end up paying more. I’ll advise you to pick up your access, while the price is still this low.

This Is A Super Deal Going For An Extremely LOW ONETIME PRICE!

Pay Once ONLY - No Monthly Fees Ever!

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